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With the Covid-19 crisis we have had to rethink how to provide quality programming. We have created an at home version of this fun adults only experience. We will have a limited number of bags available for reservation on a variety of topics. These can be done solo, with a friend, or a partner. 

Cowhunter Experience - Find out which Florida cowhunter you are with our fun quiz, Learn how to read and create your own cattle brand, play a "cowhunting" game mirrored after the I Spy picture books you may have read as a kid, play Florida Cowhunter vs Western Cowboy Concentration, take a lasso challenge, and a fun Mad Lib. All supplies will be included for you as well as a menu suggestion for a fun evening in. 

Order your Cowhunter Experience beginning February 23, 2021 by emailing the Museum. 

Aquatic Adventure - More information coming soon!