The collection consists primarily of artifacts that are important to the agricultural history of Manatee County. Artifacts were donated by local citizens, many of whom worked in the agriculture industry. The Museum is currently limited in how many large pieces there is space for, however it is seeking to expand the archives. The Archive Center is a place where visitors and researchers can explore agricultural families and businesses that have greatly impacted the agriculture industry.


The Museum is looking for more letters, written and oral histories, photographs, documents, and other ephemera to add to the archive center. In addition, smaller artifacts of special importance to Manatee County's agricultural history are welcome. Please contact our curator with any and all potential donations. 

Artifact Spotlight

Physician's Buggy




The body of this vehicle comes under the general class of Coal Box Buggies. It is made unusually strong, which is an important feature in all vehicles intended for the use of physicians, as they are called upon to undergo hard service. Special attention has been given to the construction of the wheels, which are made sufficiently heavy, and yet do not have a clumsy appearance. The spokes are shaped as to give a maximum degree of strength with minimum lightness. 


This buggy was owned by a physician in Atlanta, Georgia and was purchased by James and David Couch. Together they restored it and it was used in weddings and parades here in Manatee County. 


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