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Underwater Farms: Aquaculture in Manatee County

Aquaculture has a long history in Manatee County. The process of growing aquatic animals and plants for food, restoration, and pets has evolved over the years, but continues to have a presence in the agricultural industry. Learn more about what aquaculture farms have been in Manatee County in the past and today. 


This exhibit is currently an online and in-person starting March 16, 2020. 


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Video with 2 Docks Shellfish can be viewed on Youtube


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An Icy Enterprise

Commercial ice manufacturing has been an essential part of agriculture since the late 1880s. The ice helped transform agriculture from a strictly local operation into the national and even international industry we have today. 


Manatee Tomato Families 

Tomatoes have been the top crop in Manatee County for over 70 years. The family histories in this exhibit are just a sampling of the many families and growers who have made an impact on the tomato industry in Manatee County.